Taking care of a timepiece in the right way allows it to function properly over the course of many years.

Caring about your timepiece means carrying out regular maintenance, usually every five years, as well as extraordinary repairs in the event of a malfunction or fault.

Our in-house watch repair shop features a certified Rolex official Service Centre.

These checks on a timepiece include a careful examination of all the components, such as cleaning, polishing and the disassembly of worn elements, as well as the use of latest-generation equipment to carry out tightness tests. For minor issues, the store carries out prompt tests and adjustments, providing a truly “Quick service.” On the other hand, malfunctions or faults usually require more structured actions on the timepieces. For Rolex and Tudor watches, once a repair service is completed, an official two-year worldwide warranty is issued with the related technical information sheet.

Our services

  • Official Rolex Service Centre
  • Complete maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Tightness tests
  • Aesthetic elements polishing