L'Angolo delle Ore

L’Angolo delle Ore, the fine jewellery, watches and repair shop was established in 1988 in the historic centre of Novara in Piedmont, Italy.

The store was named after the symbolic heart of the city, where the ancient tower with the clock was erected at the corner of Corso Cavour and Corso Umberto, and which marked the passing of time between the aristocratic 19th century and the hectic 20th century.

For over thirty years and through two generations, our commitment and dedication has helped the store to succeed in establishing itself and stand out for elegance, expertise and reliability.

We sell timepieces by the finest watchmakers such as Rolex and Tudor, precious handcrafted jewellery and, as Montblanc dealers, a wide choice of luxury accessories.

Haute horlogerie

Our store is considered an emblem of quality and reliability thanks to a variety of elements among which the official authorisation for the sale of Rolex watches stands out.

An authorised Rolex dealer, L’Angolo delle Ore has guaranteed the authenticity of the watchmaker’s products for 30 years. The store provides a service in line with the standards of the brand even after the purchase, thanks to a five-year international warranty and the presence of an in-house certified workshop, which provides official assistance services and guarantees high technical skills, expertise and the use of exclusive equipment, for Rolex as well as Tudor timepieces.

Second-wrist timepieces

In addition to new products, L’Angolo delle Ore offers a wide selection of prestigious second-wrist watches. These used timepieces meet excellence requirements in line with the store’s policy. When it comes to second-wrist timepieces, we are committed to guaranteeing the high quality and pristine condition of all the reconditioned models we offer to our customers.

In addition to purchasing second-wrist watches, we also offer our customers the opportunity to sell or trade in their own timepieces for a new or used one.